“Container train” unloading rules

  • Wait in your truck on scale until the wheel loader operator indicates otherwise!

  • Drive into the switching area and drive straight into one of the two switching stations; do not park across them!

  • When instructed by the wheel loader operator, drive into unloading zone and only then open the net!

  • Tip the machine wagon into the unloading zone and place the empty container in front of the drawbar of your own trailer!

  • Tip the container of the trailer into unloading zonee . Full containers must not be parked on the company premises -> damage to the tarmac!

  • After unloading, stop the vehicle directly (approx. 1-2 m) in front of the unloaded goods; sweep the loading area if necessary and close the doors!

  • After reconnecting, immediately leave switching station and follow the exit signs to the exit scale !